The Giant Gila Monster is the monster that first appeared in the 1959 film, The Giant Gila Monster.

Design Edit

The giant Gila monster is not special in any term of appearance, it looks like a normal lizard. It has four legs and each one has five claws, a long tail and black scales with some pink stripes.

History Edit

The Giant Gila Monster Edit

A young couple, Pat Wheeler and Liz Humphries were in a car, parked next to the road. A giant Gila monster attacked them and pushed the car over a cliff and killed the couple. After that, the local sheriff began his search for the missing couple. Chase Winstead, a mechanic, saw a car crash right in front of him and the guy in the car that crashed said that he saw a giant lizard, that gave more evidence for the existence of the giant lizard. The giant Gila monster later destroyed a bridge where a train was supposed to go over, so the train fell and crashed. The giant lizard, hungry for prey, attacks the town. It goes to the local dance hall, where a large number of teens were, not aware of what's going to happen. The giant Gila monster broke through a wall of the local dance hall. The sheriff grabbed his pistol and shot the monster a few times until it ran away. Chase went after the monster in his car with nitroglycerin packed in it. Chase found the lizard, sped up the car and jumped out of it, the car crashed into the giant lizard, exploding and killing the giant monster.

Abilities Edit

The giant Gila monster doesn't have any special ability. Much like some real-life lizards, it has a venomous bite and it can burrow.

Gallery Edit

Main article: Giant Gila Monster/Gallery.

Trivia Edit

  • A Mexican beaded lizard was used as the giant Gila monster (not an actual Gila monster was used).
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