The Rat Bat Spider is the alien monster that appeared in the 1959 film, The Angry Red Planet.

Design Edit

The Rat Bat Spider has a really weird appearance. It has a bat head with two huge eyes, a body covered in hair, a pair of small human like arms, two pairs of spider legs and a rat tail. The front pair of its legs have small crab like claws at the end of them. Between the joints on its legs it has bat wings like skin, and its legs have some fur at the beginning of them and they also have small spikes on them.

History Edit

The Angry Red Planet Edit

When Iris mistaken the monster's legs for trees, the monster revealed itself from the dirt and attacked the Mars expedition crew. Chief Warrant Officer Sam Jacobs later blinded the monster using his freezing ray, the monster screamed in pain and ran away.

Abilities Edit

The Rat Bat Spider doesn't possess any special ability. It has two crab like claws which it uses to grab things.

Gallery Edit

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